Med Cuisine is a leading supplier of the most delicious, highest quality Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food products. These two cuisines are celebrated for their timeless and iconic tastes, channelling delectable spices, herbs, beans and grains into uniquely adaptable and incredibly flavourful ingredients, which have brought life for millennia to dinner tables across the Mediterranean and Middle East – as well as all around the world!

The tastes of these exotic cuisines are as evocative for the mind as for your meals, filling the imagination with dreamy thoughts of ancient cities and awe-inspiring landscapes rich with history and culture.

We produce and source the many delicacies of these celebrated cuisines and make them more accessible than ever for all to enjoy outside their native lands. We have curated a fantastic range of products for professional kitchens and home cooks alike to enjoy and further their culinary offerings and dining experiences.

Med Cuisine’s founder hails from the Middle East and loves Mediterranean cuisine – tahini in particular! Yet as a Londoner, he found it surprisingly hard to find his beloved ingredients at the right quality, price and accessibility – so, Med Cuisine was born.
Today, Med Cuisine is run by a passionate group of foodies with a shared vision of what good food should be: a harmony of tastes and textures bursting with flavours that make you savour every bite and wish each dish will never end!
Great dishes are born from great ingredients and so, we are on a never-ending quest to explore, discover and share the finest foods as we celebrate Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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