We love Tahini

And we bet you do, too!

Tahini is every bit as nutritious as it is delicious, It’s a great and powerful addition to hot and cold, savoury and sweet dish alike – because everything tastes better with a little Tahini!

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We curate the very best ingredients of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods for you to enjoy in your home cooking or tantalise your restaurant’s guests.

Come with us and discover new heights of taste.

It is our appetite

that guide us through the magical Middle East!

Every region you visit reveals its millennia of unique heritage in its cooking, and it is through our stomach that we remember and romanticise these special places.

new heights of taste
Date Syrup

A delicious caramel-coloured, intensely fruity natural sweetener made of 100% pressed Medjool dates

Organic natural tahini

A sensationally wholesome roasted sesame paste made out 100% organic Humera sesame seeds

Smoked Freekeh greenwheat

Whole Grain Greenwheat Freekeh World’s Most Nutritious Super Food, Fresh from Galilee

A quick trip
to the middle east
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When you daydream of Mediterranean magic and Middle Eastern mystique, what comes to mind? Serene beaches, bustling markets, wonderful weather and people just as welcoming? Or is it the incredible culture and history you can feel below your feet?


The Mediterranean and Middle East are all these – but they are also the food that fuels them, the food celebrated most by those who visit these awe-inspiring regions.

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Med Cuisine products are obtained from an exhaustive selection of the best raw ingredients. The whole process is carried out in the best possible conditions of quality control and supervision. All the ingredients are completely natural and exclusively of superior quality.

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